About Dottie Daniels

An excerpt from Ms. Dorothie (Dottie) Daniels:

Greetings, my name is Dorothie Daniels and my fictional story titled, “Affliction”is an apocalyptic, sci-fi thriller I beganin late 2009. It is an 87,500 word story whose central character named Seanna Burges is a bi-racial, 26 year-old paramedic who resides in Allentown, PA. It turns out oversleeping may have saved Seanna’s life as she wakes up to find that her neighborhood, city and most of the region is now in a total chaos. The problem: The recently deceased no longer remain inanimate. Instead, they reanimate, attack and spread a horribly contagious virus that quickly kills and yet starts the cycle again. After making the decision to travel to her boyfriend’s house in the neighboring town of Bethlehem, Seanna gets attacked and bitten by a “dead one” as she calls them, but strangely enough- doesn’t meet the same end as the casualties continue to rise. After a coincidental rescue by heavily armed men, Seanna will find refuge at her uncle’s facility. Meet Dr. Lloyd Burges, an isolated research doctor who will eventually disclose his company’s involvement in the creation of the viral infection and the decision her parents made to trade off some of Seanna’s stem cells in return for successful in-vitro fertilization. The disclosure comes too late as Seanna, with the help of a more ethical physician, reveals a black-balled version of her uncle that the credible science world has excluded. Seanna’s journey to escape has begun. It will not be without consequence, however.

I began writing this story as a challenge to myself. In 2006, I suffered a brain aneurysm. I was just 26 years old. It took a full year to recover my health with many, many days in between where retaining memories were questionable. My survival was called a miracle and I was told I should write a book about it. I took it under consideration and began writing however this is what I managed to produce instead! It has been a wonderful challenge. I would argue that fiction (good fiction) takes just as much effort and research as non-fiction. It certainly requires more imagination! Fitting the complex histories and motivations of characters into a storyline is artful work, if nothing else. I’ve met a personal goal that I would like to share with the world. I would like to see this story in the hands of as many as would be interested.

We are interested Dottie! Thank you for sharing your story!


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