Reading (Editing) Feverishly

Courtesy of Google images.
Courtesy of Google images.


I haven’t dropped off the planet- although I feel I have. I’ve been busy playing the editor role for the upcoming release of my first novel, Affliction. It’s been edited already but that last read-over before it’s sent off to the printer is the most important. My publisher, DonnaInk Publications L.L.C has already inquired about when I’ll be ready to release it. I told her it’d be by today and I’m trying to get it done by day’s end.

I’ll say this though, never have I come to both love and hate a piece of writing such as I have at this moment. For the last five years when I started writing Affliction, completed it and nearly completed its sequel, I’ve lived, breathed and cherished all aspects of it along with writing in general. As an editor (with my figurative ‘editor’ hat on) I’m able to see things I love and hate about it, magnified 10x. The spelling and grammar is not so much an issue in my opinion as it is making sure the flow is perfect to a first time reader. I’ve asked people to read it and they approve but the feedback of, “I like it”, “It’s fine,” “I loved it” doesn’t satiate the appetite of the nearly-rabid editor I’ve become in the last two weeks or so- specifically in the last four days.

I’ve had to transform from that: rabidity into normalcy.

I’ve discovered however, the cure for literary rabies is positive self-talk and frequent breaks to read the news which will remind you in your state of insanity- just how sane you really are. If that doesn’t work- try social media where there are zero literacy and grammatical rules. If you’ve truly given your work your best. It will survive. You will survive.

That’s all folks, enjoy your weekend!

Photo courtesy of Google images.


Published by: dottiedaniels

I'm a hardworking thirty-something who likes to read various topics, write, coupon, garden, hang out with my almost human dog, sit-and-do-absolutely-nothing, and most importantly live, happily :) In June 2006, I survived an SAH (subarachnoid brain hemorrhage = brain aneurysm) and after my recovery and a few years passed I set out to write- something that I thought I'd never do well again. Most who know me expected I'd write about that experience but instead I chose something a little different. I'm now the author of an apocalyptic, zombie-thriller titled 'Affliction' which will be published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C and will be out by the year's end. Whether you read 'Affliction' or not (I would hope you will) my goals for everyone, including you would be to follow your heart, set some goals and follow through accordingly- otherwise you'll never truly know how happy you can be.

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