How I’d Become a Zombie in the Apocalypse

Courtesy of Google images.
Courtesy of Google images.


I’m all about surviving something (everything, actually) but I was just sitting here out of boredom and giving some thought about how things could go wrong for me (not a character, but… my own self) in the event of your typical apocalyptic zombie outbreak.

Think Shaun of the Dead meets Night of the Living Dead (1968) meets The Last Man on Earth (sans the pools designated for human poop and trash).

Initially, I’d probably be running around yelling everyone “I TOLD YOU THIS COULD HAPPEN!” admiring my own fortune telling skills until I nearly got chewed up, had to get smart and figure out that wasn’t so safe to do. Bragging is not an attractive trait in the zombie apocalypse, or is it? Time for a dose of humility.

Initially, I’d probably try to board up my house, hunker down in the city and even form alliances with neighbors or friends. Who am I kidding? I don’t know most of my neighbors and one neighbor I can’t stand in particular. I’d probably let them get eaten alive in the beginning cause I knew they wouldn’t be prepared for it. That’s the karmic return you can expect when you repeatedly let your dog use your neighbor’s yard as a doggie dooley. The apocalypse is cold.

In all honesty I’d probably end up becoming a zombie because I’d be in the middle of helping someone or get bit while doing something miniscule like reaching in a closet to turn on a light- like what might happen in the movies… Ah, to try and prevent something like that from happening. This would be my goal…

How do think you’d fare in the zombie apocalypse? Let me know.

Photo courtesy of Google images.
Photo courtesy of Google images.

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