Friday Night Blogging


I’m not as alone in my feelings this time. This time I’ve been out in the public and after standing in long lines and smiling just because, I’m grateful to be within the four walls called ‘home’.

I finally declared myself a vacation day from the busy hospital work and have worn myself out with the multiple tasks that come with days off. At least the responsible folks’ kind of tasks. There’s laundry, light housekeeping and grocery shopping- you know, the unpaid work that’s necessary for one’s survival.

The week has been infectiously consumed with news from all over the place and I’ll briefly (though I’ve never) give my 10 word take on the big ones. Here you go:

Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner: He’s not the first, so why is this so relevant?

St. Paul Diocese Being charged With Child Endangerment: Duh. Catholic children have always been in danger.

Beau Biden Death/Funeral: My head absolutely aches (brain aneurysm survivor, here) from the family’s grieving. RIP Beau.

Kimye Pregnancy: Happy for them. I pray for Hollywood’s children, always.

There are countless other stories that can be discussed. Naturally, I’m an optimist who pulling for every good thing in every good individual- even if they’re not aware. I feel a little dose of the pop culture is necessary though not necessarily in need of dissection. We have to find the good in life, always. With the weekend here- I hope you can find the brightest spot and live there for at least the next 2 days. 🙂

They made the headlines. I suggest you make your own headline in a positive fashion. Wishing you a Happy Saturday.


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