Has it Been a Year Already?


Apparently I’ve been on WordPress for one year now. I’m glad they kept track. I love this place and although I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to- this is still cause for a tiny celebration. I imagine they would’ve notified me of this regardless to whether I’ve only made several posts or have completed over 100, the later being the case. As a blogger, I try really hard not to blog unless I have something worthy, funny or inspiring to say. Too often I see posts about ‘nothing much going on’ and personally that drives me a little crazy. I cannot get those moments back.

Some people blog for the sake of blogging itself. Me, on the other hand, I have put in nearly many an hour of overtime at work, have a full life at home, am trying to still qualify as a writer- by actually acting out the verb of ‘writing’ as we know it and am also trying to develop my budding relationship with the boyfriend- who has been very patient with me as we spend precious hours together here and there. I am grateful because I gain new perspective all the time being very busy. I’ve learned that there are a lot of people who are very busy.

We should create a club- except no one would have time for it.

Everything needs tending to, always, in order to make it worthwhile. Lots of stuff has been going on in the news- things that I have plenty of opinion on but know they are receiving the due attention regardless of the stance. My publisher tells me that Affliction is on the front burner for publication so it is that of which I hold on most dearly to. That moment when I add salesperson to my resume. I promise I won’t burden you with pitches- but indeed you will know the moments leading up to its availability to the public and goings-on thereafter. I worked very hard to create something that even I would want to read. Currently I’m working on the sequel now. 70% done.

Currently it’s a little chilly here in Minneapolis. I hope it’s a little warmer wherever you are. The sun is out though and my intent is to catch some rays is my priority before the rain moves in for pretty much all of next week. Feel free to shout-out and let me know where you are and whether you’ll fare better or worse over the next few days. Really, I care. 🙂


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