Mind Games (I’m NOT crazy!)

The Write Perspective


I’m not talking about the psychotic actions of the women characters you see in the movies. Though some of you would love to talk about it- I’m not talking about the ex-girlfriend who really is certifiably crazy and likes to take keys to a guy’s vehicular paint job, bleach to his clothes or make unexpected trip to his job (yes, I’ve been watching court TV today). No ma’am/sir, I’m not nearly on that level of deviance. I’m referring to the mind games more commonly experienced by some of us every single day.


– Why I can head to a restaurant full-knowing what I have a taste for but yet when presented with a menu- becomes overwhelmed with the options and deciding what I want takes 20 minutes. This is to the point where even the waiter/waitress gives up because there really should be a law against how many trips should be made to a…

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Published by: dottiedaniels

I'm a hardworking thirty-something who likes to read various topics, write, coupon, garden, hang out with my almost human dog, sit-and-do-absolutely-nothing, and most importantly live, happily :) In June 2006, I survived an SAH (subarachnoid brain hemorrhage = brain aneurysm) and after my recovery and a few years passed I set out to write- something that I thought I'd never do well again. Most who know me expected I'd write about that experience but instead I chose something a little different. I'm now the author of an apocalyptic, zombie-thriller titled 'Affliction' which will be published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C and will be out by the year's end. Whether you read 'Affliction' or not (I would hope you will) my goals for everyone, including you would be to follow your heart, set some goals and follow through accordingly- otherwise you'll never truly know how happy you can be.

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