Dottie Daniels 101: A Short Introduction

The Write Perspective

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Greetings! It’s nice to finally blog on WordPress.

(I think?)

The idea of blogging seems pretty easy although at this moment I’d say I know very little about managing one. WordPress states that over 100,000 blogs are created everyday on this site. It seems everyone, especially those involved in any segment of writing uses blogging or reads someone else’s blog. After using Google to track down relevant posts about it, I’ve walked away with the notion that blogging is the equivalent of breathing for most writers as we have to step beyond their own works and use this tool to connect with readers globally. Learned theme: I am a writer so I must engage in this too :). How cool is that?

About me

I reside in the now warmer-than-last-month city of Minneapolis. Having been indoors for the last 6 months writing is going to be a challenge the next few weeks. In fact, doing

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Published by: dottiedaniels

I'm a hardworking thirty-something who likes to read various topics, write, coupon, garden, hang out with my almost human dog, sit-and-do-absolutely-nothing, and most importantly live, happily :) In June 2006, I survived an SAH (subarachnoid brain hemorrhage = brain aneurysm) and after my recovery and a few years passed I set out to write- something that I thought I'd never do well again. Most who know me expected I'd write about that experience but instead I chose something a little different. I'm now the author of an apocalyptic, zombie-thriller titled 'Affliction' which will be published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C and will be out by the year's end. Whether you read 'Affliction' or not (I would hope you will) my goals for everyone, including you would be to follow your heart, set some goals and follow through accordingly- otherwise you'll never truly know how happy you can be.

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