Ebola: “Everyone Get to Your Underground Shelters!” (Or Not)

The Write Perspective

Outbreak (1995). Hopefully we won't need to walk around like this... yet. Photo courtesy of Google images. Outbreak (1995). Hopefully we won’t need to walk around like this… yet. Photo courtesy of Google images.


If you’ve been conscious these last few months you’ve probably heard something everyday related to the Ebola virus. Naturally, anything that poses a threat to mankind like Ebola does it’s bound to draw your attention and your imagination.

I’m not here to diffuse that one bit however- the media tends to over-sensationalize certain hot topics and events and this year they get to use Ebola to stir anxiety and raise fear. Pretty much every other year the Ebola virus manages to infect a number of individuals. Should we be afraid of Ebola? Certainly. Though I think that the wiser minds interested in staying healthy would instead of obsessing over this one virus- choose to also familiarize themselves with the viruses and bacterial contagions they are more likely to come in contact with right here in the U.S.-

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Published by: dottiedaniels

I'm a hardworking thirty-something who likes to read various topics, write, coupon, garden, hang out with my almost human dog, sit-and-do-absolutely-nothing, and most importantly live, happily :) In June 2006, I survived an SAH (subarachnoid brain hemorrhage = brain aneurysm) and after my recovery and a few years passed I set out to write- something that I thought I'd never do well again. Most who know me expected I'd write about that experience but instead I chose something a little different. I'm now the author of an apocalyptic, zombie-thriller titled 'Affliction' which will be published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C and will be out by the year's end. Whether you read 'Affliction' or not (I would hope you will) my goals for everyone, including you would be to follow your heart, set some goals and follow through accordingly- otherwise you'll never truly know how happy you can be.

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