Oh No, I’m Becoming One of THOSE People!

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Oh NO! Photo courtesy of Google images Oh NO! Photo courtesy of Google images


Ever remember how when you were little you swore you’d never do certain things that you saw older people do- then only after so many years you find yourself doing those exact particular things?

Today I was at the gas station and there were some pre-teen kids there buying the usual unhealthy, sugar filled snacks. They weren’t doing anything too bad- just the occasional swear word and the multiple trips to the counter to fill up their bag. Suddenly they started just placing their money on the counter and telling the attendant what they already put in the bag.

My lecture alarm went off.

I went into ‘old person’ mode and begin to tell them all the things they did wrong and how these little consumers should conduct business while at the store- much like their mother would or should’ve done (though the only child…

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Published by: dottiedaniels

I'm a hardworking thirty-something who likes to read various topics, write, coupon, garden, hang out with my almost human dog, sit-and-do-absolutely-nothing, and most importantly live, happily :) In June 2006, I survived an SAH (subarachnoid brain hemorrhage = brain aneurysm) and after my recovery and a few years passed I set out to write- something that I thought I'd never do well again. Most who know me expected I'd write about that experience but instead I chose something a little different. I'm now the author of an apocalyptic, zombie-thriller titled 'Affliction' which will be published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C and will be out by the year's end. Whether you read 'Affliction' or not (I would hope you will) my goals for everyone, including you would be to follow your heart, set some goals and follow through accordingly- otherwise you'll never truly know how happy you can be.

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